Survey Process

There is a survey for the entire school, and there is a survey for individual teachers and staff.

The goal of the school’s survey is to understand the potential within the school.

The goal for the teacher's survey is to understand in more detail how the school is succeeding so that the school can begin playing to their strengths right away.

As a school using the standards how will you support us?

If your school is adopts the Technology Implementation Standards we will assist you with the process described in the section below.

Specifically, we will visit your school either in person if restrictions permit it, or connect with you virtually to go over the standards and survey, section by section.

If we meet in person this process will take about a day, but if we choose to meet virtually we can break it up over several days. We will do everything we can to accomodate your needs, including taking more time for this process if it is required.

What is the process going to be like for my school?

If your school wants to use the Technology Implementation Standards you will want to select the appropriate staff members to conduct the survey and help support attaining the goals you set. If your school requires support with this process we are happy to assist.

Once you have your team, your next step will be to review the introduction document or video. This will give you a detailed understanding of each section of the framework, and help understand how to perform the surveys.

Your next step is to perform your surveys, starting with the school survey, and then moving on to introducing the standards to the teachers ahead of the teacher surveys

After performing the surveys, your team will review the results and decide together what goals you want to achieve in the next year. Teachers can choose to pursue individual goals and there are links to resources that support goal attainment for each section in the overview document.

A Note on the Teacher Survey:

We understand that your teachers and staff might feel uncomfortable being asked about how they use technology in the classroom. It must be made clear to teachers and staff that this is not tied to job performance, and instead it is part of professional development. The survey is about understanding where you are on your learning journey with technology, and using resources to help continue developing our skills.

We expect that most schools will see the average between all the teacher scores be lower than the school score. This should not discourage your school, as the goal of the standards is to help the school equalize the two scores.

MK’s Technology Implementation Standards are about understanding, they represent a slow process. A full score might not be possible for every school, and each section of the framework might not be as important to every school at this time.

Before you begin scheduling your teacher surveys you will want to have an information session for them. We are happy to attend this session to present the standards to your staff, and explain the survey process.

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