The Benefits of Joining Our Network

The following benefits apply to non-commercial community services, such as:

  • Schools & Other Education Facilities
  • Health & Treatment Centres
  • Other band-operated facilities upon request.
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  • Protected by a redundant pair of next-generation firewalls
  • Segregation – each department is confined their own network segment, and outside access is limited to legitimate authorized users via MFA enabled VPN 
  • Secure browsing – the network is protected by two independent security organizations, blocking access to malicious websites and services 
  • Routine third-party security audits of the network

Data Sovereignty

  • Network traffic connects directly back to network core in Membertou
  • Data stays on First Nations sites whenever possible
  • OCAP-compliant

Customizable Web Access

  • By default, access is blocked from known malicious websites and services
  • Additional custom filters can block or allow specific websites, or website categories (e.g. Social media, gambling, etc)

Secure WiFi

  • Secure staff and guest Wi-Fi service is provided for Health and Education, with appropriate security rules for each
  • Health wifi is provided by Membertou Data Centre with support from Health Canada; Education wifi is provided by Atlantic First Nations Tech Services/Mi’kmaw Kina’matnewey
  • AFNTS staff available to assist in planning and deploying secure wifi to other non-commercial band entities (eg. Band Office)


  • Network bandwidth is symmetric (upload/download is the same speed) with guaranteed bandwidth for Health
  • Bandwidth usage is monitored to ensure that network upgrades are applied when routine traffic exceeds available bandwidth


  • Critical systems are backed up regularly by AFNTS/MK
  • Primary and secondary backups are on sovereign territory in geographically different Locations in Mi’kma’ki
  • Direct connection to Membertou Data Centre allows for access to employ other MDC services

Cost Savings

  • The health network is funded by FNIHB at no direct cost to the Band or Health Centre

For commercial and other shared Band services

Fibre can be extended to commercial entities at cost to the Band, allowing for shared services like Internet, Telephone, and Physical Security (door locks/access, surveillance cameras, intrusion alarms, etc.)

Bulk purchasing these products provides deeper discounts and easier central management for your IT personnel.

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