Our Health Tech Services Overview

AFNTS is located in Membertou First Nation, Nova Scotia and works in partnership with Indigenous Services Canada and the Atlantic Policy Congress of First Nation Chiefs Secretariat.  

We deliver and support connectivity and technology for both First Nation schools and health centers in the Atlantic. Our service area includes 33 communities in 4 Atlantic Provinces.

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Connectivity & Secure Network

AFNTS provides a secure network for patient records (or Electronic Health Records - EHR) & clinical telehealth connections in Atlantic First Nations telehealth locations. This network also provides the Membertou Data Centre the foundation they need to provide secure WiFi to all Atlantic First Nation sites.

In total there are 41 telehealth locations throughout our Atlantic First Nation communities. This number includes both health centres and treatment centres.

Telehealth Services & Training

AFNTS coordinates with our Atlantic First Nation communities and Provincial health partners to ensure successful telehealth connections are made - to support the future of health care in First Nation communities.

AFNTS also work diligently to ensure all of our 41 telehealth sites are equipped with top-of-the-line telehealth technology - with each location being equipped with Polycom videoconference units.

About Telehealth: Telehealth is the provision of healthcare remotely by means of telecommunications technology. It is a huge benefit to the community, as patients have the opportunity to receive healthcare virtually in their home community - providing convenience and accessibility to patients with mobility issues or who live in rural areas.

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Zoom For Health Care

Recently, AFNTS started rolling out "Zoom for Health Care" in all of our telehealth locations.

Two accounts were offered to each health centre, with training being offered in person or virtually.

So far, this service is being used for education and admin purposes, but clinical sessions are also possible. To be used clinically, coordination is required with provincial health authorities.

Some of the benefits of Zoom for Health include: 

  • Will work with existing hardware in health centres.
  • Join via Zoom (meeting ID and passcode) or Device Mode with newer models.
  • Much more user friendly compared to RealPresence Desktop.
  • Aligns with provincial services for greater access and convenience.
  • The most secure video conferencing platform on the market.
  • Data Residency in Canada.
  • Basic or Zoom Pro accounts.
  • Better viewing experience for people safely distanced in your community health boardrooms.

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