SAMR Model

Several sections of the standards are measured using the SAMR model.

The SAMR model of measuring how technology is used in the classroom has 4 levels.

The 4 levels are grouped into two sections; the Substitution and Augmentation levels are viewed as enhancements, while the Modification and Redefinition are transformational in terms of how technology supports learning.


Section 1, includes:


Level 1

Technology acts as a direct substitute, with no functional change.


Level 2

Technology acts as a direct substitute, with functional improvement.


Section 2, includes:


Level 3

Technology allows for significant task redesign.


Level 4

Technology allows for the creation of new tasks, previously inconceivable.


Substitution Example

Instead of reading a physical copy of a book the students read an ebook version.

Augmentation Example

Functional improvement, an ebook version that allows students to highlight, take notes, and access a dictionary to look up words, all from within the ebook reader.

Modification Example

Collaborative project where they co-write a character analysis using Google Docs and record an audio podcast that will be shared with the class.

Redefinition Example

Use technology to create a complex interactive map of all the character interactions with an individual character in the story. Record reenactments of those interactions and link them to the interactive map.

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