Introducing the new "Atlantic First Nation Tech Services"

Previously known as Atlantic Canada's First Nation Help Desk....

About the Logo

While contemplating a new name, we also wanted a fresh new logo that is representative of the region we are located in as well as the First Nation communities we serve.

The three-lobed double-curve is a common motif among the three Nations we serve: Wolastoqiyik, Innu and Mi'kmaq. The three lobes in our logo represent these three Nations. The curls on either end of the curves represent ocean waves, as our region is on the Atlantic coast and the ocean has provided sustenance for Innu and Mi'kmaq for millenia. The smaller waves a bit closer to the centre represent the waves of the “Beautiful and bountiful river,” Wolastoq, an important source of food and transportation for Wolastoqiyik. Finally, the colours of the motif are the four sacred colours.

We are very proud of the new logo, and thankful to Cageless Content for helping us achieve a visually appealing design that represents the Atlantic First Nations.

The Growth of our organization

Since 1999 Atlantic Canada's First Nation Help Desk has been serving Education & Health in First Nation communities across Atlantic Canada. We’ve evolved from a small team of 2, established to provide basic desktop support to what we are today - a growing team of 10 staff that provides a wide range of tech services including fibre connectivity, videoconferencing, tech integration support, app development, web development, technical advice and various other forms of tech related services.

Our network, the Atlantic First Nation Network, has grown from 20 T1 circuits,  to  a full fibre network connecting 80+ education, health and other band operated sites with a bandwidth speed of at least 200Mbps (32 of 33 communities).

To reflect the evolution and growth of our department, we have rebranded as Atlantic First Nation Tech Services.

What's next for us?

We're excited to move forward as an organization and continue offering game-changing technology services, hardware, and support to Health & Education sites across Atlantic Canada.  Explore our new website to get a better understanding of what we can offer you and your community!

Explore our new Website

We've got a brand new website with some exciting upgrades and new features, including an upgraded "Learn Mi'kmaw" Web App, a refreshed "Dear Elders" Web App, a mobile app database, overview of our Health, Education, and Network services and much more! Explore, learn, and if you have any questions - please reach out!

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